Information about Tonka Trucks

If you’re a parent, there’s a good chance you remember just how much fun Tonka trucks were when you were a kid. Today’s Tonka trucks are just as tough and durable, and kids love them every bit as much as you did. Many of them come with lifetime guarantees, and will provide years of tough, hands-on play. In fact, Tonka trucks are still handed down from one generation to the next due to their high quality construction.

You may have noticed that a lot of today’s toys are not very durable. Made from brittle plastic, they just can’t stand up to the kind of “love” kids give them. But Tonka trucks are different. They’re made to last, whether used indoors or out, and they do just fine at handling dirt and sand.

Tonka also has many vehicles designed specifically for the preschool and toddler ages. These are made with safety features such as rounded edges, and are made from the most durable plastics. They’re also just the right size for little hands to play with.

Tonka Wheel Pals is a line of vehicles that are made for younger kids. Each car or truck has a happy face, and no sharp edges, so they accept lots of hugs along with the kind of rough play toddlers are so good at.

Chuck and Friends is another line of Tonka vehicles for the younger set. Like the Wheel Pals, they’re made of rounded plastic and are perfect for little hands to operate.

For older children, the Tonka Tough series are trucks that are made of steel and ready for action. Made for play in sand and dirt, they’re as much fun as you remember your Tonka trucks being.

The Tonka Toughest Mighty is made of steel and durable plastic, and has a lifetime guarantee. They’re serious trucks that are ready to rumble.

A lot of parents and grandparents love the Tonka Classics series. These are steel trucks that have the look of the Tonka trucks you might have played with as a kid. They too are guaranteed for life.

The Tonka Lights and Sounds vehicles provide a variety of well-constructed models that have working lights and realistic sound effects. They’re good for hour upon hour of active play.

And Tonka has much more to offer too, in the way of other toys and accessories that are good enough to earn the Tonka label. You could even surprise your child with a Tonka themed birthday party, complete with Tonka party supplies! Tonka toys are better than ever, with more styles to choose from.